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The following features have been implemented in the current release:

  • QSYS.LIB filesystem browser
  • QSYS.LIB filesystem browser filter
  • Multiple connections
  • Configurable connection library list
  • Local password encryption
  • Spooled file viewer
  • Non-default workstation customization file possible
  • Data area wizard and editor
  • Userspace wizard and viewer
  • RPGLE editor (/free-form)
  • RPGLE Syntax Highlighting
  • Editor Outline support
    • Procedures
  • Local source history
  • Task Keywords support
  • Quick source member access
  • Source compilation submitter
  • Global compile options per compile command
  • Per source compile options
  • Custom compile options provider (Extension Point)
  • Custom Remote Explorer open action provider (Extension Point)
  • Member locking on editing
  • Source export (flat or ZIP archive file)
  • Simple RPG Abstract Syntax Tree
  • Toggle Comment (/free and fixed format)
  • Command Line view
  • Compile Result view
  • RPG Unit Test support