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Update Site

An update site has been set up for the editor to get updates more easily. It should work with any Eclipse 3.5 and 3.6 environment. http://rpgnextgen.sourceforge.net/update

Notice that there is NO trailing slash at the end of the update site url.

Stand alone Application

If you only need to edit RPG source code you probably want to install the editor as a stand alone application. You just need to download and extract the application. No further installation steps are needed.

You don't need administrator rights to install or use the editor on windows.

Update/Install process

If all is configured well and you want to update the editor installation then you only have to click on Help → Check for Updates. This should check all configured update sites for new features/plugins. If this does not work proceed with the part for installing the editor software. Eclipse will notice that you got the editor already installed and will make an update automatically.

If you haven't added the update site yet please do so under Help → Install New Software → Available Software Sites. Then select the update site for the RPG Next Gen Editor in Help → Install New Software. Uncheck "Group items by category". This will show the RPG Next Gen Editor items from the update site.

If you are using an existing Eclipse installation then ONLY select the features. If you are using the standalone editor application then selection the feature AND the product item. Now click the next/finish button(s) and you are done.


As the editor is based on Eclipse it also has a workspace. This should not be reside in the application folder. You can specify it on editor start with the parameter −data:

rpgng -data /home/mihael/rpgng-workspace