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Welcome to RPG Next Gen

This project is no longer under active development. It will be continued with the MiWorkplace project at RPG Next Gen. If you are interested in taking over this project drop me a mail at mihael 47 rpgnextgen d0t com.

RPG Next Gen Editor is a lightweight RPG editor solely based on the Eclipse platform. It has some basic plugins which among other things provide a tree view on the QSYS filesystem. The focus for the editor lies on small size and speed. The goal for this project is a feature complete RPG free-format editor which can be used to develop small to midsized projects for even the most advanced programming style.

The RCP Application will be developed platform independent. With the help of the Eclipse RCP Delta Pack there will be a version for each of the main operating systems.


2011-12-07 - Request for Feedback

Hi community,

it has been very quiet in the last couple of month. But we have not abandond this project. No, it is quite the opposite. We are planning a complete rewrite of the editor and we need your help for this. As this is an open source project for the IBM i community we need to know what the IBM i community needs. So please give us your feedback.

What was good in this last version of the RPG Next Gen Editor (0.5.5)?

What was not so good (or could have been better)?

What features did you miss most?

What was your most used feature?

Which feature did you never use? (f. e. user space viewer?! because you were not using user spaces at all)

Are you using the stand alone editor or do you integrate it in an existing Eclipse installation?

Give us your feedback so we can begin to plan RPG Next Gen Editor 2.0.

As I am counting myself to the IBM i community here is my feedback for myself and the rest of the team:


  • easy installation
  • lightweight / low requirements
  • fast
  • no server side installation needed
Not so good:
There are some annoying things (like the need for "opening libraries/source files twice" in the Remote Explorer view) but nothing which really is a show stopper for me.

Features I missed most:
  • more/better content assist/auto complete
  • refactoring support
  • SVN/Git/Mercurial support
  • better handling of compile options
  • importing of source code from external sources (like a zip file)
Most used feature: IFS Explorer / Editor Editor version:
Most of the time I am using the stand alone editor.

This was my feedback. What is your feedback?

Please mail your feedback to mihael at rpgnextgen dot com.

Thanx in advance


2010-12-30 - Update site

The update site is online again. The update site will work with Eclipse 3.5 and 3.6 installations. For using the update site to install RPG Next Gen Editor into an existing Eclipse installation remember only to select the features in the update manager and not the product.

2010-12-15 - Update site

There are some problems with the update site. Because of that the update site will be taken offline till everything is ok. The new stand-alone version of the editor should be ok.

2010-12-12 - Release 0.5.5

Another release is out (at last). The main new feature of this release is the new RPGUnit plugin. It lets you execute unit tests written with RPGUnit from the editor. The result will be shown in an extra view. For this to work you need the RPGUnit package from www.rpgnextgen.com (see download section at www.rpgnextgen.com).

2010-04-02 - Release 0.5.3

At last there is a new release of this project. The main change is the switch to Eclipse 3.5.2 which enables me to make quicker release in the future due to the headless build scripts which has been much improved in Eclipse 3.5. Not much has change on a first look but there has been some changes in the background. The old workspace is not compatible with this release (at least not without some helping hand). All stuff concerning connections are now stored in the local project Remote Connections. The compile options and local history are now separately stored under the connections folder (each connection has its own folders).

There is a new update site for Eclipse 3.5.x based installations. But beware with the new Eclipse provisioning system you can even install the whole product (standalone version) of the editor. That will mess with your already existing Eclipse installation. Just select the RPG Next Gen Feature for installation (not the product).

Note: You have to disable Group items by category to see the feature.

See the change log for all made changes.

Have some fun and give some feedback. Thanx, Mihael.

If any of these resources has helped you in any way and you want to let me feel your appreciation of my work feel free to drop me a mail or even make a donation via Paypal.

Thanx anyway and good surfing.